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Laser Guns Up
Simon Curtis

The name is S I M O N
The game is P O P you see

Got your attention, now I'm gonna keep it, better listen up
This one's for the people who've been told they're never good enough
The little girls and boys who dream of what they wanna be
The little girls and boys who grow up into you and me
But you and me we've got a little secret in our playbook
A little something that'll really shake the game up
Something for the people who don't think that you deserve
Now you've got a super weapon that can take over the Earth

Put your guns up
Put your laser guns up
Put your guns up
Put your laser guns up
You take your laser gun and you put it in the air
And you fire to the sky like
Eh eh eh
Put your guns up
Put your laser guns up
Put your guns up
Put your laser guns up
You take your laser gun and you put it on stun
And you fire to the sky like
Eh eh eh

We're all just trying to make it, but making it big is so hard
Before you take a bullet, think you'd better get a bodyguard
Build some walls of steel around yourself before you go
Cause rejection is the name of the game, but do you listen?
You struggle and you fight and
Yeah, you're probably gonna bleed a lot
So get your bloody ass up to the mark
And then you take your shot
You're only gonna get one chance to make the world aware
Of who you are and what you do so you had better come prepared

There's a gun for me
There's a gun for you
Better shoot to kill
You know what to do
Break a line, do the time
Need to find a clip
Two fingers to the face
That's how you make a hit

I did anything and everything
No matter what the cost did
To me, but it left me feeling
Broken and accosted
I'll put a flame above your head
Just like the Pentecost did
Now hands where I can see em'
Cause you all are going hostage

I've done this before
Now get your face on the floor
And put your motherfucking lasers up
And say you want more
Because I'm
Because I'm
Because I'm

Put em up

Don't Dance'
Simon Curtis

I'm feeling kind of pressured
I feel it tonight
The feeling that I've got to set the party off right
The pressure makes it better
I've said it before
I give in to the music
But the music wants more
Time to feel the beat in my skin
The people keep on begging me to give in
To the way that they wanna move
Too many people trying to tell you what to do

I'm not gonna tell you to dance
Just gonna keep on doing my thing
I'm not gonna tell you to move
Just gonna keep on playing the way I play it
Don't dance

Just give up the illusion
That you're going to win
There will be no confusion
Cause you're gonna give in
I see your body moving
It can't be ignored
You move a little harder
But I think I want more

This is not an apology
Just some reverse psychology
Cause if I tell you not to do something
Then I can guarantee

You'll do it

Simon Curtis

Stand up, everybody look alive
Said come on come on come on
We gonna get it now
Hands up if you're ready for a fight
Said come on come on come on
We gonna win it now
I don't need you to believe in me
I know how to change my destiny
Sit down, about to rewrite our history

We can change the whole world
Gonna take it over
Gonna start it over
Don't you know what we could be?
A new beginning
Fight until we're winning
Tell me that you're in it
Don't you wanna be
A superhero
A superhero
A superhero
Anybody could be…

Rip it off, show the symbol on your chest
Said come and show the world
Who you really are
It's not enough to be better than the rest
Gotta take it to the top
And make yourself a superstar
You don't need them to believe in you
Get your mission on lock and see it through
You've got all the power you need in you

Pit Of Vipers
Simon Curtis

I can almost feel the tick like clockwork
Hearing all the voices in my head each time I go
There's a game they play that I'm not part of
Tearing at the weaknesses and all the faults they know
It's impossible to navigate around
It's inevitable that you'll fall in
It's improbable I'll ever come back down
I fell in and now I think I might drown

I've fallen deep into a
Pit of vipers
Sliding over me, over me
And I can't break free
Secrets run deep when you're in a
Pit of vipers
S-s-slithering, whispering
Feel the venom poisoning me

Now I must admit that I have played a part
In the way that things have gotten out of hand
But it's escalated almost to an art
I wanna fix it but I don't think I can

Slither, slither, slither
Put your fangs into my back
Slither, slither, slither
Think I don't know where you're at

I use you
I'm no good
Need to be in control
I said I use you
I'm no good
Need to be in control

This is how you make me feel

Simon Curtis

Eighteen years
Faced all of our fears
We took on the world together
I caught all of your tears
You told me back then
That our love would never end
You lied
Hold me
Like you did before
Console me
Like we never went to war
You've thrown me
And my heart onto the floor
I died

Dead to me
You're dead to me

Look at how you've turned
Yeah, you watched me burn
Just threw me in the fire
And you weren't concerned
You told me it was love
I would always be enough
You lied
One day you'll come around
But baby
I'll be nowhere to be found
Betrayed me
Now baby in my eyes
You've died

Chips In Your Head
Simon Curtis

Open up your mind a bit and let me put it in
Piece of Heaven got you saying "R O B O for the win"
I'm ready to attack even if you've got an attitude
You love me
I love you back
Here's how I show my gratitude
So many questions
Well I'm ready with an answer
If you're dying
I'm the chemo to your cancer
Maybe maybe maybe
If you ask me just right
Baby baby baby
Then I'll give it to you all night

Put a chip in your head
Put a chip in your head

Songs so catchy gonna spread like AIDS
Words so absurd they're like lyric grenades
Had a message so I said I'll be the white boy Drake
Do like him
Give everybody free Chips to take
So they took em and I hook em like some big mouth bass
First I make the Beat Drop
Then you shake your-
Half a million downloads
No I don't fake
And the labels still avoid me
What a big mistake

Baby baby baby
Feel the 1, 2, 3
I put it in your head like R.F.I.D.

Simon Curtis

This is not the way into my heart
Into my head
Into my brain
Into none of the above
This is just my way of unleashing
The feelings deep inside of me
This spark of black that I seem to love
We can get a little crazy just for fun
Just for fun
Don't even try to hold it back
Just let go
Tie me up and take me over
Till you're done
Till I'm done
You've got me fiendin
And I'm ready to blow

Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my
Get undressed
Taste the flesh
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my
Pass the test
Taste the flesh
Hold me up against the wall
Give it till I beg
Give me some more
Make me bleed I like it R▲
Like it R▲ R▲ R▲
Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my

Hold my hands above my head
And push my face into the bed
Cause I'm a screamer baby
Make me a mute
You put your hand upon my neck and feel the pulse
Beat beat beat beat
It's like a trigger
Get me ready to shoot
Wanna wrestle with me baby
Here's a sneak
Little peek
You can dominate the game
Cause I'm tough
I don't play around that often
When I do
I'm a freak
So you'd better believe
I like it rough

Hold me down
And make me scream
Lay me on the floor
Turn me on
And take me out
Make me beg for more

How To Start A War
Simon Curtis

I thought we were meant to be
Thought it'd be you and me
Standing together at the end of the world
I guess that's not what you want
Guess that I should just move on
But tell me how am I to move when I can't even breathe?

This not how you make love
This is not what we signed up for
This is not how it's meant to be
This is how you start a war

You thought I'd abandoned you
Thought that I'd stranded you
But I was right there holding your hand
But I guess you didn't see
Everything that I thought we would be
I guess I never thought that you would ever leave me here all alone

Bombs are falling
While we're stalling
I'm still trying
Why are we fighting?
Words destroyed us
Played and toyed us
I still love you
Don't you love me too?

Get In Line
Simon Curtis

Gonna tell you a little story
About a boy and his beats
And how he made an army
He took a long gaze up at the sky
And said "that's where I'm gonna be"
God I really need to be
Get me to the place where I can be free
To live how I want to
And let me do me
Gotta make a change immediately
Gonna do it on my own
Just watch and you'll see

I'll make myself an army out of people I love
Soldiers who will fight
Who will give it all up
And when the day comes
I will give it all away
To every single one of them
And what will they say?
They gonna give up their life
They gonna give it their all
They gonna give their everything
I'm gonna give up my life
I'm gonna give it my all
I'm gonna give my everything

Come on get in line with me
Throw your hands up for the fight of the century
Come on tear some shit up with me
Time to round up cause we're filling out the infantry
Are you gonna lead tell me what do you say?
If you're gonna sign better do it today
Are we gonna win?
Hell definitely
Get in line with me

So this is the begging
The beginning of the end
The ending of the battle that I know we're gonna win
And though it's been a very long and difficult road
I've got a military full of people who I know

I Hate U
Simon Curtis

I hate you
Everything about you
Don't wanna be in love with you no more
Don't wana be around you
Touch you
F*** you
Don't ever wanna see you come around my door
Don't ever try to touch me again
I loved you so much
Oh baby
But then…

I hate you

Betrayed me
Played me
Slayed me
Hurt me like I've never been hurt before
Disowned me
For the
Other people you decided that you wanted in your life more
Made your bed now lie in it
And don't wake up you
F***ing B***h

Simon Curtis

I'm so tired of people always saying that I'm a good person
Cause I'm not
If they could only see what was in my head…

Little boy has come into his own
He's gotta make them big decisions cause he's grown
He's gonna get a rude awakening if he don't realize
Who really loves him
Who lies
Do you ever stop to wonder if they love you?
When you look into the mirror do you see the truth?
Or do the voices in your head still got you confused?
Do they make you wanna say

I'm not who you think I am
I'm not who you think I am
I'm not who you think I am
Who I am who I am who I am
I'm not a good boy

I wonder if you ever stop and think
About whatever happened to me
Did you ever maybe think that I was victimized
By those who said they loved me?
They lied
Do you ever stop to wonder if I loved you?
When you look into the mirror do you see the truth?
Or do the voices in your head still got you confused?
Do they make you wanna say

Do you know that you broke me down?
But I'm letting it go
I'm breaking it down
For all that I know
You've broken it down
I just want you to know
You can turn it around

This isn't about you
It's about me

Soul 4 Sale
Simon Curtis

Come on baby listen there's some things you ought to know
I've looked up how this love plays out and where it's gonna go
Don't tell me that I'm different or that you could try to show me
Other ways to go about it
I already know
This is a relationship in which I make a sacrifice
You take the cut and split it up and leave the body paralyzed
Unable to break free of it till it's too late to realize
But that's just what you've gotta do
You take the ride
You pay the price

What do you want me to say?
Tell me
I already gave you everything you want
Now give me everything I need
I've got a soul for sale
A soul for sale
What do you want me to be?
Show me
Cause I wanna give you everything you want
Just give me everything I need
I've got a soul for sale
A soul for sale

For forty days and forty nights you worked it to seduce me
I'd listen to the lyrics of your song cause they amused me
The sing along did not last long
It started to reduce me to a puppet on the shelf just screaming
"Puppet master choose me!"
So come on baby
Come on love me like a Kamekazee
We'll go down in flames together
Light it up like paparazzi calling out my name
The fame
The flames
They're all one and the same
So sign me up to love you
Cause I'm ready for the game

Sign on the line
Make a deal with the Devil
Make a deal with the Devil in blood

I know your love is bad
But I want it all

Simon Curtis

All this time I thought you knew
I thought you were aware
Of how much I would do for you
Of just how much I cared
All this time you sat here thinking that I wouldn't give
Every bit of life of mine
Just so that you could live
And now all that I feel from you is bitterness and cold
I'm hearing what you say
But not believing what I'm told

Please hold me like you did before
We don't know what we're fighting for
I need you
Won't you stay with me?
Cause I don't wanna be
Your enemy

You built so many walls around me that you couldn't see
That without you
There is no us
There is not even me
I'm standing here before you
With no armor
Lying bare
Lying stranded and defenseless
You could help me if you care
You built so many walls around me that I wouldn't dare try to climb them
But I'm standing with a white flag in the air

Don't let me be your

The Dark: Return To The Dark
Simon Curtis

Told you sometimes I see things that others won't believe
Fold em' let em' hit me raise it
Baby can't you see?
That all of it's illusion
The conclusion soon will be
So let out your inner animals and celebrate with me

I wanna put two horns on my head
Gonna dance till my eyes go black
I wanna put two horns on my head
Gonna dance till my eyes go black
I'm gonna fight
Gonna give it my all
Gonna give it till I can't go back
I'm gonna put two horns on my head
Gonna dance till my eyes go black

Will you take me
Out into the light where I can finally see?
Shine your light with me and chase all the dark away
Shine your light with me and chase all the dark away

So this is how you make yourself into what you wanna be
Keep your hands unfolded
Dawn is Golden
Take it by the lead
You're a cut above the masses
You're a king
You must believe
So shine a light into the dark
And then you'll finally see

What are you waiting for?