Boy Robot
Simon Curtis

There once was a boy
who was made, not created
He wanted to learn
He wanted to indulge his senses,
to understand pain
But most of all,
He wanted to love
For only when he found true love
would he become real

He traveled far and long
But love eluded him
The humans that surrounded him
complicated the word,
strove to drive it out of the world altogether,
and this he could not understand
For what could be more simple
than to love
and be loved in return?

He was made
with an 8-Bit Heart...

Don't Wanna Be Alone
Simon Curtis

They say that love is a game
only played by the dumbest of fools
That the feeling's elusive
and what can you do with a ruse?
They say that wanting a heart
is nothing like what people believe
and to give it away
is something you don't want to need

Listen to me
I don't wanna be alone
I'm gonna find someone
I swear the fire will never grow cold

I get scared sometimes
when I see all the connections happening around me
that fate will evade me
that time will betray me
That future I just don't want to see
Don't wanna be that synapse swerve that missed the nerve
and now is dead for eternity

Listen to me
I'm not gonna be alone
I'm gonna find someone
I swear the fire will never grow cold

I don't wanna be
I'm not gonna be
I don't wanna be
I'm not gonna be
lonely anymore
not gonna be
lonely anymore
don't wanna be lonely anymore

Fell in Love w/an Android
Simon Curtis

Perfect model
knows how to push the throttle
but I don't wanna be just
another name in your registry
I just wanted to see if
my lust would be enough
to get me over
your complete lack of substance

Fell in love with an Android baby
playing games with a toy that played me
The electricity is easy I'm told
so where'd you ever learn to be so cold?
Nothing in your eyes that I can see
time to shut the power down and let me be
Try to play it like you think you're something so hot
Hate to say it, but I'd rather fuck a robot

So deluded that it kind of constituted as a
kind of charm
I never really thought you could bring me any harm
Oh I couldn't be more wrong
Oh why did I wait so long
to go
Can't believe I thought I loved you

Ooh pull down the nylons,
you must be Cylon

Super Psycho Love
Simon Curtis

Something lately drives me crazy
has to do with how you make me
struggle to get your attention
calling you brings aprehension
Texts from you and
sex from you
are things that are not so uncommon
flirt with you you're all about it
tell me why I feel unwanted?

Damn if you didn't want me back
why'd you have to act like that?
It's confusing to the core
'cause I know you want it
Oh, and if you don't wanna be
something substantial with me
then why do you give me more?
Babe I know you want it

Say that you want me every day
that you want me every way
that you need me
got me trippin'
super psycho love
Aim, pull the trigger
feel the pain getting bigger
go insane from the bitter feeling
trippin' super psycho love

Pull me off to darkened corners
where all other eyes avoid us
tell me how I mesmerize you
I love you and despise you
Back to the crowd where you ignore me
bedroom eyes to those before me
How am I supposed to handle
lit the fuse and missed the candle

Damn, if you wanna let me go
baby please just let me know
you're not gonna get away with
leading me on

Say you want me
say you need me
tear my heart out slow
and bleed me

You want me
you need me
you're gonna
be with me

I know you want me too
I think you want me too
please say you want me too
because you're going to

Simon Curtis

Here's to all the people who've been trying to keep me down
Got their fingers in my collar trying to turn me all around
I find it so funny to hear how much they hate
Try to push me to the ground then say they love me to my face
Say what you mean and don't try to deceive me
I so want to believe it, yes I want to, yes I do
Say what you want and don't try to prolong it
If you want to so-long it, then I want you to, yes I do

I'm feeling all the heat, they're gonna hear my call
Now I can wait to see you lose it all
You've placed your bets and he is gonna make you fall
I can't believe you're so delusional

Now I know you're gonna try to say I stole this verse from Tim',
but there's a firestarter out there and I'm sure he stole from him
Don't say you love me then turn around and drop me
cause soon you're gonna want me and you know it's true, yes you do
Why don't you see him the way he really is?
cause soon you'll wanna leave him and I know it's true, yes I do

8Bit Heart
Simon Curtis

What would you say if I said that I want you?
Would you laugh at me
and maybe think I was crazy?
'Cause I don't know any other way
than to say the way that I feel
But it doesn't ever work
and it hurts to the bone
always feeling so damn alone

Is it so, so wrong to love?
Baby is it so, so wrong to love?
Is it so, so wrong to love
and to be loved in return?

I don't know what to do
'cause I think that I need you
And I'm afraid 'cause intuition's telling me
that you don't feel the same
Ooh I wanna hold your hand
but I don't think you understand
just how I'm feeling inside
Oh baby please don't play with strings that dangle me
because I'd rather have nothing than lies.

Simon Curtis

Here's the thing, yeah we started out friends
but this is not a Kelly Clarkson song,
and not how it ends
Everything I thought about you was lies
Thought that I knew you,
but you were disguised
Everything I thought about you was bogus
I speak for the both of us
time to say bye

Save face, and get out of town
Take the car you're driving
and just turn it around
'cause you're a
you're freaking me out
I'm sorry that you hate me 'cause I just wasn't down

You're the devil
you're a filthy piece of trash
gotta brush you off my shoulder
gonna let you kiss my ass
You're a diablo
You're so damn evil
You're a diablo
Your shit is evil

Are you crazy?
because you're so out of line
I swear someday you're gonna freak and claw out my eye
oh wait, you did
Oh baby, baby
does she take a piece of lime
for the drink that I'ma buy her
Oh wait this song isn't mine

Uh oh, you're coming unglued
If it wasn't so damn frequent then I'd try to subdue
but you're a
they all know it too
I can't wait until the day when I am
finally rid of you

Oh, now I really wanna see you get help
I really wanna see you get over yourself
and I do wish you well
but I have to say I'm glad you're gone
Oh, and I'm thinking that you might lose your nerve
the very first time you hear this song
but I did nothing wrong
except let you stay in my life.

Simon Curtis

I can't count all the times that I,
I had to say I'm sorry
for wanting something with a few more bits
than my Atari
Don't play a game, boy
they said it would get old
But sometimes boys like me are curious
and can't be told no.
You came along and had me saying
"What is this?"
Your sexiness had got me ready
for the Genesis

Baby, grab a hold of the joystick
take control of the motion
I can feel it when you __ __
Baby, you make all of the choices
other players can join us
if you're feeling like you wanna
play games

Then I upgraded to Nintendo 64,
and your first time with a joystick
left you feeling like a
Hyper gamer, nothing greater
we can play all night
You'd better be some competition
'cause I want a fight

I don't want you thinking that I'm trying to apply pressure
But the pressure makes it better
pushing harder makes it wetter
If you wanna skip a level
then we'll go to level two
Just beat my boss
and get me off
and then I'll play with you

Beat Drop
Simon Curtis

Time to round 'em up
and tell 'em where we're gonna go
If they don't know how to work it
then I'll leave 'em at the door
Gotta make it to the center of the circle
grab my hand
Tell the DJ drop the beat
don't play some motherfuckin' band

Now let it in your body
and the party won't stop
'cause it's seven kinds of naughty
when you let the beat drop.
I told it to you once I said why don't you understand?
Tell the DJ drop the beat,
don't play some motherfuckin' band

So give it to me baby
tell me, what's it gonna be?
Gonna give it to me dirty
out where everyone can see?
'Cause I can't do nothin' with you
if you're never gonna dance
So you'd better find some rhythm
'cause they're playing Bad Romance

Rochella Danishei & Simon Curtis

The villains and the heroes are merging,
everything is blurry
time is standing still
The sky is switching with the ground
my world is turning upside-down
My sense of judgement seems to be compromised
You're too strong to be denied

Ooh, I'm brainwashed
captivated by The Fame
Oh it's taking over me now
mighty baby, untamed lover
Ooh, I'm brainwashed
double oh who?
Seven digits
Connect me to you,
Sweet Center
baby, baby
take me with you


You're speaking, it's so clear
but all the words are hard to hear
and I think I kind of like it that way
Mirror mirror on the wall,
says you'll catch me when I fall
I've always been the hunter,
not the other way
Now why do I feel like the prey?

I saw this coming
but I did nothing
I saw this
I want this

Found out how to make it now
Take me over,
Take a vow
What're you waiting for?

The Dark
Simon Curtis

Sometimes I see some things that I shouldn't see;
simple patterns that are sitting right in front of me
Try to climb ever higher
try to get to the sky
and though I've been to the clouds
it's just a temporary high

Take time, I said now what you're trying to do,
if you're gonna see it through
it takes time
I said it takes some time to figure it out
Stay in line
But how do you follow it and cross it at the same time?
You just can't cross it
oh, no

I don't wanna say the things I have to say
who's to say that I'll ever say them at all?
Gotta be that, gotta get it with that act
Gotta wear the hat although it's all a mismatch
Squared circles, ran around the hurdles
I did everything, I thought there was a purpose?
Can somebody show me how to get in?
'Cause I can't figure out how to get in.

Can somebody show me?
I can't see in The Dark
Can somebody take me?
I can't stay in The Dark?
Will you Illuminate me on out of
The Dark?

Turning pages, turning corners,
turning into another
Turning into a song that's just like
every other
They say to get there
you already have to be there to start
How do you get there when you know it's what you need
in your heart?

Simon Curtis

And so the boy traveled on,
undeterred, upon his quest
For he now knew
that it was not another's love that would make him real
But the love within his own heart
And with that
He knew that he would never be